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How accurate are individuals with migraine at determining their own triggers?

Not very! Tap on the icons of the most relevant factors below and compare suspected vs. scientifically confirmed triggers.
Suspected triggers
Scientifically confirmed triggers
( suspected)
( verified)

A study1 in 390 people who used N1-Headache for 90 days shows that memory-based identification of personal triggers (suspected triggers) is unreliable compared to daily, prospective data collection coupled with statistical analysis of potential trigger-attack associations, as we do using the N1-Headache digital platform. Overall, only 16% of suspected triggers were shown to be statistically associated with attack occurrence.

Full list of factors analyzed:
Total patients
  1. Donoghue S, Martin PR, Boucher G, Peris F, Mian A.
    Migraineurs suspected triggers vs associations statistically determined using a digital platform.
    Cephalalgia. 2016;Vol. 36(1S) 1–185.