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Can you find Mr. Average?

Use an interactive data visualization to compare your triggers to the diversity found in others.

Have a look at the visualization below. It is based on a landmark study1 on several hundred migraine patients to determine their triggers by tracking their daily exposure (or lack thereof) to 33 factors listed on the left hand side of the visualization. The average trigger profiles found in this population are indicated as purple bars on the left hand side next to the list of factors. Note: These risk factors may include premonitory symptoms that are associated with attacks but not causal.

But how many people are average? Scroll through the individual patient trigger profiles below and see if you can find Mr. Average by matching individual profiles with the average.

Triggers tested
Average trigger profile
Individual patient triggers

Any luck? This raises the question, how useful are average trigger profiles for you?

We generated the average profile by using N1-Headache’s n=1 proprietary statistical algorithms2. If you are interested in scientifically determining your individual trigger (and protector) profile click here.

Everybody is unique when it comes to trigger profiles!


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