Articles about migraine

Original articles about important findings in migraine by leading neurologists and Alec Mian PhD, founder and CEO of Curelator Inc.
Will the Real Mr. Average Please Stand Up? (part 2)
Migraine, one of the leading causes of disability worldwide1 is a model condition if we want to study variation between individuals and the therapeutic implications of these differences. The hallmark of migraine is episodic, debilitating attacks that are easily diagnosed and monitored. In addition, many people with migraine have several attacks per month, so profiling […]
A tale of two drugs: wheat mold, hippies and headaches
An interesting best-of-times-worst-of-times story related to migraine treatment can be found in a humble wheat mold, called ergot. Early last century pharmaceutical companies got interested in ergot and took two dramatically different roads in their attempt to develop drugs based on the effects of the mold. One road led to the development of a drug with great social effect, seemed to work for everybody, made very little money and was eventually deemed illegal. Ironically, the other drug remained legal, made a great deal of money and had highly variable efficacy. You may have taken one and possibly both of these drugs in your lifetime.