N1‑Headache helps you track the impact of behavioral and medication changes on your patients’ migraine outcomes

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N1‑Headache Clinician Dashboard

A secure, web-based dashboard provides access to individual patient data in real-time

What data points are collected by N1‑Headache?

Patient generated health data is captured in real-time.

Patient’s evolution in real time

See all patient’s data and measure individual patient outcomes over time

Daily data summary

Daily and month by month summary of patient headache and migraine days using the ICHD-3 to classify the attacks.


All patient treatments including preventative, acute migraine and OTC medications identified, using an integrated medication database.

Medication Use Status

Information and alerts about the patient's medication use and potential overuse as it relates to the ICHD-3 Medication Overuse Headache (MOH) definitions.

Potential risk factors

After 90 days of data entry, each patient receives three highly individualized maps identifying their potential risk factors (e.g., dietary, emotion, sleep, weather) associated with increasing, decreasing, or having no affect on their migraine attacks.

Outcome analysis

Enter baseline periods and compare outcomes to analyze the trend of patient’s headache/migraine attacks.


MIDAS/PedMIDAS scores and Monthly Disability Scores.


Menstruation calendar (if applicable) and correlation with headache and migraine days.

N1‑Headache Platform

Requesting information about the Clinician Dashboard

We are in the process of seeking approval from regulatory bodies to commercialize the N1‑Headache Platform as a medical device. Upon approval, enrollment in our N1‑Headache Platform will begin. Please provide your contact details if you are interested in signing up and we will contact you when we re-initiate the program.

Alternatively, if you have additional questions about the benefits our N1‑Headache Platform provides, or would like to schedule a demo please email us and our clinical project manager will gladly respond.

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