Take back control of your migraines with the Individual Protector, Trigger and No Association Maps

N1-Headache guides each user to generate their Individual Protector Map, Individual Trigger Map and a list of factors unassociated with their migraine attacks that they may be avoiding unnecessarily.

Select Patient →
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  • Protectors
    Decrease risk of attack
  • Triggers
    Increase risk of attack
  • Factors
    Not associated with increase or decrease risk of attack
  • User's suspected triggers
Interact with the Maps and click on the icons
  • Factors strongly associated with risk of migraine attacks are located close to the center.
  • Factors weakly associated with risk of migraine attacks are located farther from the center.
  • The icons size reflects how often you report that factor - a larger icon shows more frequent exposure to the factor.
  • By clicking any symbol you will see more information about that factor.
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