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What makes N1-Headache unique

This is the most promising digital product that I know of for migraine patients for clinical use. It allows patients to be directly involved in the management of their condition, emphasizes discovery of factors that are associated with both increasing and decreasing risk of an attack and allows for greater personalization of treatment.
Noah L. Rosen, MD Director, Hedache Center, Cushing Neuroscience Institute at North Show University-LIJ Health System, Manhasset, NY Adjunct Assistan Professor, Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
N1-Headache is a patient-centric digital platform that combines big data and small data (patient=1) analtytics to measure the impact of a wide spectrum of factors and medications on individuals with chronic diseases that have debilitating episodic migraine attacks.

How N1-Headache can support clinical interventions

Comprehensive Personal Analytical Report monitors patients' progress: Sample
The Personal Analytical Report incorporates each patient's maps and provides visualizations of all of their tracking data, including: Monthly Summary, Calendar, Menstruation Diary (if applicable), MIDAS/PedMIDAS scores and Monthly Disability Scores. See Personal Analytical Report PDF sample.

Answering critical questions through collaboration

N1-Headache is enabling neurologists specializing in both adult and pediatric migraine to conduct formal research studies on an N=1 basis that would not have been possible before.