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Free version: Our free daily tracker is built on our Visual Migraine Language (VML); users have the option to track predefined and custom factors (including custom suspected triggers and protectors) and view progress reports of personal tracking data. Free users can also generate a printable Personal Report that summarizes this information to share with their physicians.

Users can generate their Trigger, Protector and No Association Maps (which use 90 days of data) by upgrading to the premium version of N1-Headache ( or free with a referral coupon from their clinician). No data is lost when free users upgrade, which they can do at any time.

Premium version for : Available for purchase on our website or as an in-app purchase. In addition to all of the features in the free version, Premium users can completely enable or disable predefined factors to make the diary lighter, generate and download Individual Trigger, Protector and No Association Maps after about 90 days; and receive a Personal Analytical Report incorporating all of their maps and all of their data.

After receiving their individual maps, Premium Users are encouraged to continue tracking and to experiment with changing their triggers and protectors to try and reduce the number and/or severity of their attacks. They can request updated tracking reports and, every 90 days, updates to their Maps.

Premium version with physician code: Available to migraine patients through N1-Headache physicians participating in our code access program. In addition to all premium features this version enables data sharing with your physician and medication overuse risk alerts.

Your neurologist can learn more about this program here: